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Flaps, Coffee Cups and NVG’s: A Tale of Two Safeties

  Adapt and OvercomeI recently read an aircraft accident report where a C-130J aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff. Reports state the accident was caused by a Night Vision Goggle (NVG) carrying case being placed in front of the aircraft control column to raise the elevator during cargo loading. Essentially, the crew was trying to raise a portion of the tail of the aircraft to make it easier to load bulky cargo. Apparently the crew forgot to remove … Continue Reading ››

Playing It Too Safe: Safety at the Expense of Operational Flexibility?

UntitledI recently listened to one of Drew Rae’s DisasterCast Episodes on Interlocks. During this outstanding Podcast he described how interlocks can be used as a safety mechanism to prevent certain accidents. While I don’t want to go into great levels of detail about Interlocks with this post, to me it was very interesting when he got into the ways humans are involved with systems, how they work to create safety interlocks in a system, and how … Continue Reading ››