The papers below can be viewed under the “fair use” doctrine. This permits individual use in research or teaching activities — with appropriate reference to the source — but excludes commercial distribution or reproduction. For any questions please contact the authors. 

Is It Time To Purge Legal Constructs From Safety Investigations?, by Ludwig Benner

Safety Visually, by Paul Bussey

Employees: a problem to control or solution to harness? by Sidney Dekker

The Bureaucratization of Safety, by Sidney Dekker.

Drifting into failure: theorising the dynamics of disaster incubation, by Sidney Dekker and Shawn Pruchnicki.

The complexity of failure: Implications of complexity theory for safety investigations, by Sidney Dekker, Paul Cilliers, and Jan-Hendrik Hofmeyr.

Get To The Root Of Accidents: Systems thinking can provide insights on underlying issues not just their symptoms, by Nancy Leveson and Sidney Dekker.

A just culture after Mid Staffordshire, by Sidney Dekker and Thomas Hugh.

Book Review of Erik Hollnagel’s Safety-I and Safety-II, by Sidney Dekker.

What is rational about killing a patient with an overdose? Enlightenment, continental philosophy and the role of the human subject in system failure, by Sidney Dekker.

Just culture: “Evidence”, power and algorithms, by Sidney Dekker and James Nyce.


Innovative and critical safety thinking

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