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moving on

Some of you may have heard this already from one source or another, but I am stepping away from running the site. I love this site, especially for the role it played in shaping my own thinking. However, it is because of this love that I know I need to pass the reigns over to someone else who has the time and motivation to devote the energy to making … Continue Reading ››

December Update

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and is looking forward to an exciting 2019!

2018 has been an interesting year. We had some ups and downs and we even got hacked! But now we are on a better server. Most important though, is that we had some very interesting posts in 2018! I hope you have a chance to read them and post your thoughts.

It's really important that your voice is heard as part … Continue Reading ››

Updates and Resources

Hello everyone in the Safety Differently community! I just wanted to take a few minutes of your precious time to update you on the happenings over here at and draw your attention to a few resources you might find interesting and useful.


So, as some of you may know already, I have taken over ownership of the site from Daniel Hummerdal. Daniel’s still around and will always be involved with the site to a … Continue Reading ››

In Defense of the Mayor of Amity Island

Photo taken by and courtesy of Daniel Hummerdal

Jaws is the reason I have to give myself a pep talk before going in the ocean.  The 1975 movie shows what happens when a huge, psychopathic shark with a taste for people meets a small tourist island off the coast of Massachusetts (Spoiler – it doesn’t turn out well for some unsuspecting swimmers). The movie is credited for making the fear … Continue Reading ››

Speaking Truth to Power


“They tell us to do these things, but they don’t want to know how we get them done.” Others in the focus group nodded in agreement. Myself, I was taken a bit aback by the statement. I was facilitating the focus group with the intention of learning about the organization and how it manages safety. We had been speaking with many of the line employees who expressed varying degrees of frustration with different aspects of the work environment, … Continue Reading ››

The Limits of Safety Differently?

DSCN5361I was having a discussion the other day with a colleague about how Safety Differently fits in different organizations. Some organizations we’ve encountered are hungry for something new. They realize that the same-old safety approaches are not getting them the results they would like and are actively seeking a different approach. Obviously these organizations are ripe for a discussion about Safety Differently.

But what about others who, as some describe, are not as far along? For example, in … Continue Reading ››

The Way We Think About Work Is Broken

broken-bridgeEvery day the bulk of the human population wakes up and spends a large portion of their waking hours going to work. Some of us are privileged to do work that we want to do, that provides meaning to us. As psychologist Barry Schwartz points out, not everyone is so lucky. In a fairly recent TED talk and subsequent book he offers a blistering critique of how we think about work, particularly in capitalistic societies. … Continue Reading ››