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It’s not what, but who you know

file000912049364It has been some 20 years since I was in the dating scene. And I am sure that in that time things have changed. But some things must have stayed the same. Sometimes you are lucky enough to meet an interesting person. Someone that you would like to spend time with, see where it leads. This is where you have a few options. One is to try to impress them, dazzle them with your personality, wow them … Continue Reading ››

Safety is in the making

Are you easily bored?Creative material Are you willing to take risks? Don’t like rules? Do you ask “what if”? Do you make lots of mistakes? Do you collaborate? Are you generous? Are you independent? Do you experiment? Do you motivate yourself? Do you work hard? Are you passionate about safety? Okay, I changed the last one.  The above list has been adapted from the 12 Most Striking Tendencies of Creative People compiled by Kim Phillips.  But I think that it should be a list of the 12 Most … Continue Reading ››