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Humans – The strongest link

file000155942936The typical focus in safety is that the human being is our weakest link in safety. But they are indeed the strongest: naturally equipped to deal with risks dynamically, and with incredible risk skills... We just need to unleash that capability... The traditional focus on the human, in the context of safety, is that the human being is the weak link, the hazard, the ‘error maker’. A safety conference where the human being is not pointed out as the key … Continue Reading ››

Safety as its own worst enemy

file4761295255522Safety is defined in terms that may not support its achievement. The term implies, ultimately, a condition of 'perfection' that defies natural laws and logic. Previously, safety referred to the absence of accidents, and essentially as an unwanted loss for the organization, and a rational construct. At some point the construct became an issue of value and of righteousness and evolved into a moral imperative. Linking rationality and morality in a management model leads inevitably to a … Continue Reading ››