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Once Were Explorers

image003A few months ago I attended the very interesting Safety Differently conference on the gold coast. Toward the end of the conference the organisers asked the audience of safety people to write a letter to themselves one year from the conference describing the safety future they want for their workplaces. A future without the constraints of the past that if present would inspire us every day to come to work. At the time I didn’t think much about … Continue Reading ››

The Default Future

DCF 1.0I read this great book called ‘The Three Laws of Performance’ written by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan. In this book I was introduced to the concept of the Default Future. During my career I noticed that safety professionals (and this included myself) have a familiar box of tricks. We complete risk assessments, enshrine what we learn into a procedure or SOP, train on it, set rules and consequences, ‘consult’ via toolboxes or committees and then observe … Continue Reading ››

BIG on ideas

IMG_2024 A few years ago a truck driver asked me “when are you going to do something about the delivery docks, the reversing lines are so faded it’s hard to position our trucks?” Like all good managers I nodded caringly, made sure I had a suitably interested look on my face and told him I would talk to his manager and get it sorted. During my career I have had this conversation and probably the same look on my … Continue Reading ››

The Shop Keeper

DSC00139The head of marketing for a major clothing brand imparted a metaphor to me that struck a nerve. He called himself a “Shop Keeper”. Daily he would consider his customer - what are they interested in? What makes them unique? What do they want? What would inspire them? Why would they be interested in his product? He told me he would spend most of his day creating beautiful and exciting products for his shop anticipating and celebrating the uniqueness … Continue Reading ››