The papers below can be viewed under the “fair use” doctrine. This permits individual use in research or teaching activities — with appropriate reference to the source — but excludes commercial distribution or reproduction. For any questions please contact the authors. 

Safety Differently ASSE Proceedings Paper by Ron Gantt

The Learning Review: Adding to the accident investigation toolbox by Ivan Pupulidy

Is It Time To Purge Legal Constructs From Safety Investigations? by Ludwig Benner

Safety Visually, by Paul Bussey

Employees: a problem to control or solution to harness? by Sidney Dekker

The Bureaucratization of Safety, by Sidney Dekker.

Drifting into failure: theorising the dynamics of disaster incubation, by Sidney Dekker and Shawn Pruchnicki.

The complexity of failure: Implications of complexity theory for safety investigations, by Sidney Dekker, Paul Cilliers, and Jan-Hendrik Hofmeyr.

Get To The Root Of Accidents: Systems thinking can provide insights on underlying issues not just their symptoms, by Nancy Leveson and Sidney Dekker.

A just culture after Mid Staffordshire, by Sidney Dekker and Thomas Hugh.

Book Review of Erik Hollnagel’s Safety-I and Safety-II, by Sidney Dekker.

What is rational about killing a patient with an overdose? Enlightenment, continental philosophy and the role of the human subject in system failure, by Sidney Dekker.

Just culture: “Evidence”, power and algorithms, by Sidney Dekker and James Nyce.


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