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Flaps, Coffee Cups and NVG’s: A Tale of Two Safeties

  Adapt and OvercomeI recently read an aircraft accident report where a C-130J aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff. Reports state the accident was caused by a Night Vision Goggle (NVG) carrying case being placed in front of the aircraft control column to raise the elevator during cargo loading. Essentially, the crew was trying to raise a portion of the tail of the aircraft to make it easier to load bulky cargo. Apparently the crew forgot to remove … Continue Reading ››

Once Were Explorers

image003A few months ago I attended the very interesting Safety Differently conference on the gold coast. Toward the end of the conference the organisers asked the audience of safety people to write a letter to themselves one year from the conference describing the safety future they want for their workplaces. A future without the constraints of the past that if present would inspire us every day to come to work. At the time I didn’t think much about … Continue Reading ››

0 to 100 in 2.5 years

file000703909240In the beginning, Zinta Satins suggested that I should start a safety website. “Because more people could and should be part of these discussions” she explained. She and I used to have daily debates and discussions, in particular about safety in design. We were both fed up with the available boring, lifeless compliance based approaches. So we discussed, refined, disagreed, drew on paper and dreamt of a world in which safety methods enabled people to achieve great outcomes. … Continue Reading ››

A Day In The Life Of

Sneakers on a Pier3Recently I was at a chemical plant doing an assessment of the management system and “culture” of the site. The corporate safety group was alarmed by a spike in injuries at the plant over the last year and wanted an outside opinion as to what was wrong that was leading to all these injuries. This mindset is common. After all, failure must be caused by bad inputs – i.e. all these injuries mean that … Continue Reading ››

What is it good for?

DSCN5808fIf I am asked 'what is it that I love about safety' my response is 'the ability to be creative'.  There is a huge scope to be creative when working in safety.  Coming up with solutions, thinking of different ways to present information, creating interactive activities, thinking of ways to generate discussion.  The possibilities are endless.  But that can also be a problem.  Let's assume that you believe in working outside the box.  That you … Continue Reading ››

Work outside the box

file000812632808The other day I was trawling through the internet and an article caught my eye.  It was an article by Dan Scotti and was about the psychology behind messy rooms.  Dan challenges the idea that being organised is a direct key to success and that being messy is a quick path to failure.  As Dan points out 'There has always been this sort of “urban legend” that has floated around modern society deeming … Continue Reading ››

Six Thinking Hats for Safety

hatsAlmost a year ago on the this blog, Sidney Dekker asked “Can safety renew itself?“. He asked whether the profession was even capable of doing this, with its goal to eliminate what goes wrong; “For a profession that is organized around the elimination, reduction and control of risk, innovation can be a tall order“. Since then, there has been progress. Significantly, a new way of looking at safety has further emerged – … Continue Reading ››

Sheep boosting

file0001889907229One morning in early June this year, a Swedish sheep farmer discovered that 21 of his sheep had been killed. The aggressor had taken only a small bite of each sheep before killing the next defenseless prey. Expertise identified the offender to be a wolf. Wolves in Sweden are frequently debated. Some suggest that wolves should be uncompromisingly hunted and 'eliminated'. This naturally upsets those advocating the necessity of biological diversity. In turn, these groups claim that the … Continue Reading ››

Hot spots

file000485067262Do you believe in coincidental meetings?  I do.  I love the fact that you never know where a conversation could lead.  I love the potential.  And I don't mean in a 'When Harry met Sally' kind of way.  I am talking about the possibility of the spark of a new idea.  What I am talking about is Hot Spots. I first saw Professor Lynda Gratton when I attended a HR Conference in 2008.  She told the most wonderful story about chocolate deodorant when presenting on Hot Spots. … Continue Reading ››

The blue pill or the red pill

matrixWhen the movie 'The Matrix' was released in 1999 I was blown away by not only the plot, but also the visual effects. I associated with the film, its story, and ultimately – that there is no spoon. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that associates their beliefs with other films. I’m sure there are plenty of people that love the Da Vinci Code for example – those films that seem to challenge … Continue Reading ››