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Danger was the safest thing in the world if you went about it right

Stunt pilotThis seemingly paradoxical statement was penned by Annie Dillard. She isn’t a safety professional nor a line manager steeped in safety experiences. Annie is a writer who in her book The Writing Life became fascinated by a stunt pilot, Dave Rahm. "The air show announcer hushed. He had been squawking all day, and now he quit. The crowd stilled. Even the children watched dumbstruck as the slow, black biplane buzzed its way around the air. Rahm made … Continue Reading ››

What are you reading for?

Reading booksThe comedian Bill Hicks died just over 20 years ago. He was not 'just a comedian'. He was  a social critic and stand-up philosopher. There were few others like him at the time, and few others have come near him since. Freedom of thought and speech were at the core of what Hicks did. He believed that popular culture was a passive, silenced and dumbed-down culture - one that is easier to control. He encouraged people to think, to question everything: "Folks, … Continue Reading ››

The found art of safety

file000884974361There is a growing movement in safety.  It is one that recognises that we need to approach safety differently if we are to make advances as a profession.  It is therefore inevitable that the discussion turns to education.  What should we be teaching safety professionals (old and new)?  Do we need different safety training for a different approach to safety?  For what it is worth I don't think that better, more or different education for safety professionals … Continue Reading ››

The lost science of risk and safety

file5011249338919I embarked on my career in Health, Safety and Environment 30 years ago when it was just safety, no environment. It was a back water of the Human Resources Department tucked in behind Medical Services. There was no undergraduate degree in safety and I had to study the pure sciences and the social sciences. Environmental management was just emerging from the primeval swamp, ergonomics and occupational hygiene were these weird esoteric sciences that had little place in … Continue Reading ››